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Longarm Side Clamps

These are the real deal. My Longarm Side Clamps work extremely well and are made to last! They should never wear out or need to be replaced!

Each clamp consists of two wood strips with VERY POWERFUL embedded magnets. The powerful magnets and a friction strip on each wood piece assure that the quilt will be tightly held between them. The clamps are constructed of Black Walnut. Each of the 17” clamps has two 6’ long loop (Velcro-like) straps to hold it to the longarm machine, whereas the 10” clamp has a Y- attachment to the clamp itself and a single strap to the machine. You need to supply the hook fabric for your machine where you want to attach the clamp if it doesn’t come with this already. Each wood piece of the clamp is very thin and will normally allow the machine to pass unimpeded. The piece that doesn’t have the loop fabric attached is slightly longer than the other piece so that you can easily grab it and pull the two pieces apart.

I currently make two sizes of the clamps, 17” and 10” but can make other sizes upon request. Contact me if you need another size and I’ll quote a price for them.

This is by far the most expensive (to me) item that I make and they are also very technical, time consuming, and difficult to construct and this is reflected in the price I have to charge for them. However, you will quickly realize upon using them that they are a bargain! You will never have to replace them.

I also offer a refurbishing service for the nominal sum of $10, basically to pay the postage. To use this service, contact me by e-mail and I’ll tell you what you need to do to take advantage of this service. When you send your LSC to me for refurbishing, I’ll make any repairs necessary and refinish the wood to make them as if they were new again.

This is a very well-made set and should last way longer than you will be quilting! I spent several months developing this set and offered it for the first time at MQS 2016. They created lots of buzz at my booth and sold out the first day of the show and I had to take orders for the remainder of the show. This has already become my most successful product yet! These are very functional, designed to last and will be a beautiful addition to your quilting studio!

CAUTION: The unit uses magnets for holding power. I can't make them without magnets. Consequently, if you have a pacemaker, please don't use these as it may adversely affect the pacemaker.

Set of two 17” Black Walnut Longarm Side Clamps with straps: $78 per set.
Set of two 10” Black Walnut Longarm Side Clamps with straps: $68 per set.



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17" Longarm Side Clamps

10" Longarm Side Clamps