Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

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Several quilters have asked me to make a non-magnetic pin well that specifically holds the longer corsage pins that they use to pin their tops onto their machines. In answer to that need, I designed a handsome non-magnetic well that will hold and display in excess of 100 corsage pins in a convenient manner where the head is up and available to the quilter. Since the pins are standing on their ends in a more vertical fashion and the diameter of the well is smaller, I didn't need to add the magnet to make this work.

These differ from the Bar Sitter in that the Bar Sitter uses a magnet to attach it to the rail of the longarm quilting machine and this one is non-magnetic and made just to sit on a table.  If you have a longarm quilting machine and are going to purchase one of these, the Bar Sitter is the one you want as it will sit on both the bar and a flat table surface. If you don't have a longarm machine, and don't need the magnet, get the Corsage-Pin Well.

The wells are available in your choice of Pennsylvania Black Cherry or Red Oak.




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Corsage-Pin Well

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