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Woodturning Publications

VACUUM CHUCKS - with Clifford L. Hill (American Woodturner, Summer 2009, vol.24 no.2). How do you make vacuum chucks with inexpensive materials?

PNEUMATIC CARVING STANDS - with Clifford L. Hill (American Woodturner, Summer 2009, vol.24 no.2).  How to use the Bosch Carving Stand with a vacuum chuck.

WHOOPS-WOW (American Woodturner, Fall 2002, vol.17 no.3). What do you do with pieces that don't turn out like you planned?

SPHERICAL THINKING American Woodturner August 2010 vol 24, no 4. This simple method for turning spherical shapes may help shape you into a well-rounded woodturner.

HOW TO TURN A WOODEN BOWL WITH A HANDLE Bowls with handles are unique. This article appears in Woodturning Magazine (the British woodturning journal)  in the September 2019 issue.

TURNING UNUSUAL-SHAPED PIECES  I developed a foam cushion that allows me to attach a piece to the lathe and not affect the back side of it. This is extremely  useful for turning Australian burls with bumps and knobs on the outside that you want to preserve. Woodturning Magazine issue 337 pages 93-96.

DUST CONTROL FOR WOODTURNERS Dust control in the shop is one of the most significant items that we must do as woodworkers but is frequently overlooked. Here I suggest several ways in which one can regulate the amount of dust in your shop air to make it a safer environment in which to work. Woodturning Magazine issue 365 pages 87-90.