Friday, July 19th, 2024


I have a number of programs and workshops that I present for guilds and other organizations. These include several presentations on woodturning. Also, I have two presentations for quilting groups including photography of quilts and small business tax record keeping. Following are descriptions of the various presentations.  Please contact me if you are interested. 


Turning Spheres- Demo workshop on lathe. I have incorporated spheres into my sculptures for many years. Often turners express to me that spheres are difficult to turn. They are one of the easiest items to turn on a lathe! I'll walk you through all of the steps from wood selection through tools, special home-made chucks and finishing. A demo sure to please!

Production Turning- Power Point Program Discussion. I have been a production turner for nearly two decades. My woodturning business has taught me many shortcuts to turning. Since time is money, I constantly study how to increase efficiency at the lathe. I'll pass on many creative ways to increase your efficiency at the lathe. You don't have to be a production turner to get lots of cool ideas from this presentation.

Tools of the trade- Power Point Program Discussion. Throughout the many years that I've been a woodturner I've come up with many ideas both in how to use specific tools and new tool concepts. I love to hear from you also as to how you do various things. This is a back and forth presentation!

From tree to finished bowl- how I do it- Demo workshop on lathe. I've come up with a lot of different ideas as to how to turn bowls. These ideas start with the tree and progress through to the finished product. Forty years of turning has taught me a lot! Let me share this with you.



Workshops will run approximately 3 hours, depending on audience participation and the topic.Workshop at my studio or at your location: $200.  I also  charge the IRS round trip mileage rate for travel.

If I do this at your location I will need a lathe for those programs in which I am doing a demo on a lathe. I will bring my own tools.


Some years ago I photographed a stunning quilt for my wife, Val. We sent the photos in for the quilt contest that she knew she would be juried into only to find that her quilt was rejected. I couldn't believe that the committee wouldn't even let her display the quilt so, in spite of Val's reluctance, I called the chairperson of the committee and asked her if she could give us some idea as to why they rejected the quilt.

The chairperson got back with me a couple of days later and graciously told me that, upon reexamination of the photos, the quilt should have been hung in the show. However, she told me that the initial reason that the quilt was rejected was that the photos were very poor.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you need to learn what I know now about photographing quilts!

After that sound defeat I spent a great deal of time experimenting with the camera and came up with some easily-learned, sound, foolproof techniques to photograph quilts.

While I was putting this information together I attended several discussions on photography. In every case I came away with a lot of technical jargon but still had no idea how to get good quilt photos (sound familiar?).

I can now explain to you with NO technical jargon how to get EXCELLENT quilt photos. I present a power-point, step-by-step presentation with a handout that has detailed information on quilt (and other artwork) photography. The presentation is approximately 2 hours long.

I will explain to you what kind of camera you need (most inexpensive digital cameras), and, more importantly, what kind of camera you don't need (an expensive one).  I'll also explain how to easily do things like: hang the quilt for photography, inexpensive effective lighting, change file size for various media, correct imperfections in your photographs, rotate your photo, etc. using freeware on your computer. I encourage participants to bring quilts and cameras to the presentation for discussion on dealing with problems.

I charge $150 for this program plus round trip mileage at the IRS rate.